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Financial Policy

Patient Responsibility

All Professional services rendered are charged to the patient and are due at the time of service. As a courtesy, this office will file your claim with your insurance carrier.  Insurance carriers typically do not cover all dental costs.  Some pay fixed allowances for each procedure and office visit, while other pays only a percentage of the costs.  It is the patient’s responsibility to understand their insurance coverage.  When you receive a statement from our office, you are required to pay the balance due upon receipt of the statement.  If for some reason you do not agree with the balance due amount, you are to contact our billing representative at the number noted on the statement.


Appointment Policy

The nature of our practice is to provide high quality care that requires at times a longer appointment for each of our patient visits.  It is our policy that 24 hours notice must be given if you are forced to cancel an appointment.  After 2 broken appointments with no notice, we will place your file in an inactive status and special arrangements must be made to reactivate it.

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